Why sell car to Auckland wreckers?

We are a long established used car dealer in Auckland with a great status. Trading excellence used cars and parts for more than 15 years, we pay top cash for used cars throughout in the Auckland city and north shore areas. Unlike several “buy any car” websites, we do not offer an online car valuation using an auto generated system like CAP or Glass Guide because we know that the cars condition and history are more vital than what it says in a book. There are also many other factors that concern the price that we offer such as current market insist for that exact vehicle, which is not always reflected in book values. The best way to get top cash for your car is to bring your car to our scrap yard in Auckland where we can give you our best offer instantly and arrange a secure cash payment into your hands. Otherwise call 0800227973 to get a car valuation by phone or request a car valuation online. Now selling your car to car wreckers Auckland will be as quick and easy.

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How much cash will I get for my car?

Our car valuations are based on numerous factors including age, condition, mileage, service history, number of previous owners, current market demand as well as CAP and Glass’ Guide information. We will offer you our top quote price in a first time and as long as our assessment matches your description, we promise to give you the price offered for your car.

Do I need to do any paperwork to sell my car?

You just need to lets us know the information about your car and one of our team member will help you to sort everything out. We might need to ask for your identifications proof like driving license or passport photocopy etc.

How do I get paid?

No hassles, straight cash in your hands after completion of assessment. Bank transfer can be setup on your request.

I am happy with the valuation how do I proceed?

Call 0800227973 and make an appointment to see us. Bring your car to our scrap yard with all the legal papers etc . After we have checked your car over you will just need to give us your bank details so that we can transfer the cash. It’s as simple as that! We prefer cash for smaller amounts.



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