Wellington Car Recycling

If your car no longer runs as it used to be, it is a moment to get rid of it. This is essential because an old car means bigger expenses on gas or fuel and repairs since older cars do not use proficient fuel technologies. We are the number one car recycling service.

Car wreckers Wellington is the best unwanted, old and damage car removal service provider in Wellington. Apart from these services, they also purchase scrap cars, old model salvage, MOT failures and write off of insurance and damaged cars. We are the biggest buyer of wrecked cars in the whole country. Removal service that the company offers is for free so you don’t have to worry about the salvage charges, no matter what the car’s condition is – Dead or Alive

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Unwanted car removal service provider isn’t just a car removal company offering removal services as we are also buying automobiles in cash. We remove your unwanted and damaged car from your location for CASH. When compared to other companies that offer the same services, car wreckers Wellington will pay you more.

Car wreckers Wellington is providing car recycling service since 1997 and serving our country by recycling metals and scraping resources.



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