How to Make Money Recycling Your Old Car?

All cars get old eventually. And with advanced age, the breakdowns become more and more frequent, until finally, vehicular death occurs. It is part of the circle of life. But not all of it. In the biological world, when something dies, its dead body will go on to provide sustenance for other living organisms. Dead cars do exactly the same thing. It’s called recycling. And without it there would be junk automobiles littering the streets as far as the eye can see.

The main factor driving the car recycling industry is money. This is true for the recyclers who make money out of mining old vehicles for scrap materials and most importantly re-usable auto-parts. But more importantly, the people who provide the vehicles to these recycling companies also make some cash from the sale. Everyone wins.


Car Removal Companies

These companies go by different names. Some people prefer to call them Cash for Cars-companies. Others call them Auto Removal companies. Either way, the result is the same.

They are easy to find. All one needs is an internet connection, or access to the yellow pages. Depending on the size of the city you reside in, there will be a few. Sometimes they have forms on their websites which you can fill out as a way to contact them. Or a phone call will suffice. The point is to describe your junk vehicle to them so you can receive a cash quote. And in order for it to be as accurate as possible, you will need to provide as much info about how old it is, how many parts of it will be reusable, etc.

Shop around

If you contact a few different auto removal companies with this approach, you can then choose the car wreckers that have offered the most remuneration for your old automobile. It will also be an idea to ask each company, whether they provide free removal of the vehicle from your property. A lot of them provide this service, any that don’t have better be offering more money for your vehicle.

If you live in a city with a high populace and the amount of auto removal companies reflects this, it would be in your best interests to call every one of them.

How it works?

First, they send someone over to inspect the vehicle. This is to provide a more accurate price. It’s not that they didn’t believe you the first time, but it is important that they make sure that you aren’t a lying scoundrel. For all they know the car has no re-usable parts of it at all, despite your claims to the contrary.

After this, they will load the vehicle and take it away, but not before paying you handsomely for it. Then they take it to their yard and recycle it. How do they do this?

Auto Recycling

All re-usable components that can be sold as used parts are removed. The tyres are removed, and all fluids drained. The shell is crushed, and after that shredded. The materials are separated using magnets. Then the metal is sold as scrap metal.

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