Should You Donate Your Car Or Sell It For Cash?

Sending off an unwanted scrap vehicle involves possibly making some decisions of a personal nature, concerning whether or not to sell to a car removal company or donating it to a charitable organisation.

There is a common misconception surrounding the fate of old junk automobiles, and it has to do with how worthless they are. Folks generally assume that because a vehicle has reached the end of its life that no-one will buy it. This is, of course, a myth. Extracting cash from a junkyard can be a simple and easy process, depending on how much effort and time you want to put in and how much money you want to get out, and there are several avenues related to this that you can take.


Pros of Having Your Vehicle Donated

Don’t get me mistaken, you will still get some financial remuneration from the donation option. It may just be that you will be eligible for a tax deduction. When the charity that you donated it to has the car sold, you may have the amount they sell it for deducted.

Do Some Research First

Before you donate your car, have in mind a charity whose cause is dear to your heart. Or relevant to you in some way or another. Make sure you have chosen a charity with an outstanding reputation. Get on the internet and check out their site. Even contact them, and make queries as to their policy concerning the donation of automobiles. The Red Cross, for instance, has a great car donation program.

Pros of Selling Your Vehicle

You can choose the auto removal company avenue and they always tend to pay handsomely and fairly when you sell your car for cash, based on an assessment on the condition of the vehicle. They don’t charge for the pick up or removal of the vehicle, and the service is very simple, easy and convenient.

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The main benefit to you will be monetary. Getting some extra cash to fill up your wallet and/or bank account is always a wonderful thing. But the auto removal company will be recycling the vehicle so you also get the benefit of knowing that you are helping the environment.

Junk cars that are left to rot will leach out toxic chemicals into the earth. Which will have repercussions further down the road for wildlife and plant life. Auto removal companies who pay cash for cars follow rules pertaining to the proper disposal and recycle of vehicle components that ensure that this doesn’t ever happen.

Choose what is correct for you

Ultimately the choice is up to you, and you may have your own reasons for choosing either option. Maybe you have a charity that you love to help out. Maybe you need the cash. Either way it’s your decision and no-one will judge you or look down their nose at you, providing you don’t just abandon the vehicle on a random road. Because if, you do that, you are a bad person.

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