What do car wreckers exactly do with your scrap car?

Don’t be ashamed of wondering from time to time what happens when a car wrecking outfit gets their hands on a junk vehicle of any description. We all ask this question to ourselves while lying awake at night, restless from pondering life’s big mysteries. And this is surely life’s biggest mystery. But it has finally been solved by science.

Why are there companies who will shell out good cash for automobiles that no-one else would touch with a ten meter cattle prod? In this investigative article we will find why, and maybe answer one of life’s biggest conundrums:

How Auto wreckers operate their business

They go by different names. Some call them “cash for cars” companies. Some call them Auto removal services. Others call them “Car wreckers”. But most of Auto Wreckers have the same business model. And because of this, while dealing with them you can expect the same type of process running as a common thread through each of them. What is the process that dictates the steps you need to take when selling your car to a Cash for Cars Company?


They all have websites. In and of itself this isn’t unusual. Neither is the fact that finding the website of an auto wrecking company is dead easy. There are always at least a few near your area. From there it’s as simple as giving them a phone call. Some of them even have online forms to fill out if you prefer that method of communication.

You need to furnish them with a detailed description of your vehicle so that they know how valuable it is. And this will lead to you receiving a quote. After that someone comes over, looks at the car, pays for it and then has it removed from your property, often free of charge.

Inside the Wrecking Yard

Once at the property of the company you sold the junk car to. The team there will salvage any and all the components of the vehicle that can be re-used as spare parts. This includes wind screen wipers, tyres, spark plugs, door handles and so forth. It is done via the process of auto dismantling. This is how they make their money back and then some. It’s true that you could make more money if you did this all yourself but it takes a lot of time, knowledge, and specialized equipment. Not to mention skills acquired through years of experience. Let’s be honest, this is a matter of convenience.

After all the valuable parts are mined from the automobile. The rest of the vehicle is crushed, shredded and the metal is separated from the plastics, and all of this is sold to scrap metal companies as valuable raw material for metal recycling. This is the grand old method of recycling at its finest. It is great for all of those green minded environmentally conscious individuals out there who are worried about the future of the planet, because this way you know that you are not contributing to the ruin of the delicate balance that exists in our environment.

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