Car wreckers Christchurch

At car wreckers Christchurch, we really do would like to buy any car, so whether your car is 6 months or 6 decades old, we can compose you a firm offer to buy your car – including non-runners. The only thing you have to do is agree on the worth. We’re here to save your time and bother it usually takes to sell your car privately – there will be no messing around and no time wasters or tyre kickers.

car wreckers Christchurch

Just popping into our office will be all you need to do. We know how annoying selling a car can be, that’s why we do assessment for your car for free in a few simple steps, and once you’re happy with our valuation, we’ll buy it off you – it’s as simple as that. We do not promote anywhere as we are so confident in our quotes and our reputation that most of the people who come to sell their car are recommended by their friends and family.

Why pick car wreckers Christchurch?

• Avoid the time and expenditure of advertising on different websites and newspapers.
• Avoid having unfamiliar persons and weirdoes coming to your house.
• Avoid posting your private phone number to the common public.
• Avoid time-wasters who come to see your car, but have got a very different price in mind.

To help neutralize all these and many more points we are here to help, we’ll value your car for free and quickly (there will be no waiting around for hours and hours), and if you’re happy with our value, we’ll buy it off you there and then. Then we pay cash instantly in your hands. No cheques, no long promises for bank wire transfer process.

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Stephen Butory My Name is Stephen Butory. I work as a senior valuation expert with Auckland car wreckers, I have been engaged in car wrecking industry since 1985. After getting this long experience in the industry, I have wished to share some useful information for everyone, hope that you will enjoy it to read. Join me at Google plus.

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