The Best Truck Wreckers in Wellington

Wear and tear eventually get every vehicle that ever gets made. Sure, you can just replace every part of the vehicle, but at some point you are going to spend more money than you would have gotten if you had just sold the thing. And this is no less true for trucks as it is for all other vehicles.

This brings us to the fact that if you own a truck, one day it will be a junk vehicle. It might not be you who owns it when this happens, but if you are, you need to know how to get rid of it. Because when your truck eventually kicks the proverbial bucket, you will be wanting to get rid of it. You won’t want to just leave it parked on your lawn. You will be wanting to enlist the services of your local truck wreckers in Wellington. The best heavy commercial wreckers always take care of the safe truck removal & always pay the best price for trucks.


How We Operate Their Services?

If you have a junk truck, you will begin by contacting us via phone or alternatively, fill out the form on our website. Either way, give us a few details pertaining to your truck, such as age, make and model. This will help us give you a free cash quote. If you like it, then we will come around to wherever the truck is situated to assess it and give you a final offer. If you like that then we give you a cash payment on the spot before they remove the truck free of any charge.

This process is simple, easy and convenient, and takes a very short time.

This Method is Environmentally Friendly

We are proud of the fact that we follow all the strict rules and guidelines surrounding the correct disposal of trucks. This is because there are materials such as battery acid, brake fluid and plastic that need to be properly recycled or disposed of. If you just leave the truck in a landfill. Those materials will leach out of the junk vehicle and get into the surrounding plant and wildlife. This will harm the environment. You must read the environmental benefits of salvage junk yards in Lower Hutt, Wellington.

On top of that, the recycling of steel by salvaging it and selling it to scrap metal companies reduces the demand for freshly mined steel. Mining takes less energy resources than recycling. Energy resources have the by – product CO2, and this is a major contributor to man-made climate change.

Why We Are Wellington’s Top Truck Wrecker

We pay the most for trucks. If another company offers more than us, we will match that offer. On top of that we have a solid reputation built up from years in the industry, and we are licensed. We provide instant cash payments and we are open 24/7 for those emergency removals. Call us at 0800 227 973.

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